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Imagine a world where individuals make solemn promises to themselves, vowing to follow a purposeful path that creates positive change. This is the essence of Sankalp—a dynamic platform that emerged from the visionary mind of Vineet Rai, the founder of Intellecap. In 2009, Vineet sought to mobilize resources and make a meaningful impact as an impact investor. It was during this time of significant growth in microfinance and the emergence of innovative models in education, health, finance, livelihood creation, and energy that Sankalp was born.

For far too long, entrepreneurs, investors, and governments had been working in isolation, lacking the connectivity and collaboration necessary to truly address the needs of the three billion people facing societal challenges. Recognizing this crucial gap, Sankalp was created to bring together these disparate ideas, celebrate their potential, and ignite global thought processes around them.

Sankalp Forum swiftly became one of the pioneering platforms in the world for social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Today, it serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurs to identify societal problems, build innovative solutions, raise capital, and scale their ventures. The ease and access that today’s entrepreneurs enjoy were not readily available when Sankalp first emerged. As the platform grew, the team recognized the need to expand its influence to more emerging markets, leading to the establishment of the India-Africa and India-South East Asia corridors through the Sankalp Africa and Sankalp South East Asia Summits. In 2017, Sankalp made its mark in The Hague, capturing the attention of a global audience.

At the heart of Sankalp lies an ecosystem designed to nurture entrepreneurship by focusing on three critical factors: knowledge, networks, and capital.

Knowledge is the key to unlocking potential and driving meaningful change. Sankalp Forum has cultivated a vibrant platform for entrepreneurial stakeholders to converge and share insights, initiatives, and innovative ideas. Here, thought leaders, sector experts, and world-renowned change-makers unite to address the real challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Through engaging workshops, masterclasses, mentoring programs, and structured knowledge sharing, Sankalp ensures that entrepreneurs stay ahead of industry trends, empowering them to launch initiatives that drive the growth of the ecosystem. Themes evolve annually, staying attuned to market developments and ensuring that Sankalp remains globally relevant.

By engaging with Sankalp, stakeholders benefit in numerous ways:

  1. Stay up to date with the latest industry trends through access to cutting-edge reports and research.
  2. Curate and participate in sessions dedicated to knowledge sharing, including immersive masterclasses and workshops.
  3. Launch new initiatives that not only benefit individual entrepreneurs but also contribute to the growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

Capital is the lifeblood of any venture seeking to make a lasting impact. While philanthropy and aid have played essential roles, large-scale change demands private investments. Sankalp Forum recognized this need and took decisive action. While it does not directly invest capital into enterprises, it plays a pivotal role in connecting game-changing innovators and entrepreneurs with the world’s leading impact investors through the prestigious Sankalp Awards. This transformative program discovers grassroots innovators, amplifies their work, and provides them with the necessary support to scale their ventures. The result? Over $800 million has been channelled to entrepreneurs that are driving significant societal change in Africa through the Sankalp Africa Summit.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, your network truly is your net worth. Sankalp Forum is renowned for its ability to bring together global development leaders, visionary investors, governments, and the world’s most promising enterprises under one roof. The vibrant Sankalp ecosystem fosters collaboration, alliances, and partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. We are extremely excited to be doing it again for the first time in West Africa. Join us in June 12-13, 2023 for the Sankalp West Africa Summit at the University of Professional Studies, Accra in Ghana. Registrations are still ongoing here.

By Justin Miatu

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