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Africa Awards

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by connecting entrepreneurs from the African region

The Sankalp Africa Awards is a celebration of outstanding social entrepreneurs and a showcase of innovative and successful businesses globally. 

Over the past decade, for each summit, we have reviewed thousands of applications and awarded many of them who have gone onto change the entrepreneurial landscape for the African region. Sokowatch is one such award winner and there are many others. 

Watch out for the 2025 Edition of the Sankalp Africa Awards.

Africa Awards

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by connecting entrepreneurs from the African region

The Sankalp Africa Awards is a celebration of outstanding social entrepreneurs and a showcase of innovative and successful businesses globally. 

Over the last 8 years, for each summit, we have reviewed thousands of applications and awarded many of them who have gone onto change the entrepreneurial landscape for the African region. Sokowatch is one such award winner and there are many others. 

Watch out for the 2022 Edition of Sankalp Africa Awards.

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Toothpick Company Ltd, Kenya

Keep IT Cool, Kenya

MedTrack Technologies Limited, Ghana

Agrosahas International Private Limited, Uganda

Legendary Foods, Ghana

Vetsark Limited, Nigeria

Agki Medical Laboratory, Tanzania


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Iyeza Health, South Africa | 2021

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WEEE Centre, Kenya

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Iyeza Health, South Africa | 2020

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WEEE Centre, Kenya | 2021

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OBRI, Tanzania



Finalists 2024
Tractor On the Go (TOG) Limited

Agriculture | Nigeria

"TOG is a farm mechanization HAILING APP, that provides access to mechanization and other services for smallholder and other farmers in Nigeria. "

Finalists 2024
Rouzo (registered as Owoafara Inc)

Financial Inclusion | Nigeria

Rouzo provide smart financing solutions for SME’s and individuals to enable them build sustainable businesses.It has created a platform that allows businesses get access to financing and tools to fund business

Finalists 2024
Rio Fish Ltd

Livelihoods | Kenya

"Rio fish focuses on empowering smallholder fish farmers through the adoption of smart-farming technology and market access. This involves the implementation of innovative approaches, including aggregation, processing, and distribution of fish to consumers through a network of women fish traders. "

Finalists 2024
Nazava Water Filters Limited

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene | Kenya

"Nazava Water Filters Limited trades simple & affordable, gravity-based household water filters which empower lower income rural households in Kenya – especially women - to purify their well, river or tap water and make it safe to drink."

Finalists 2024
Kwanza Tukule Foods Limited

Agriculture | Kenya

"Kwanza Tukule mission is to address affordability, accessibility and quality gaps through innovative and socially responsible supply chain and last mile distribution of essential cooking ingredients and associated basic household products "

Finalists 2024
HealthX Africa

Health | Kenya

Health X provides a range of technology solutions that link patients to the team of HealthX doctors for every Kenyan, on-demand, 24 hours a day.

Finalists 2024
Agri Business Solutions Ltd

Agriculture | Kenya

"Agri Business Solutions Ltd aggregates non export avocado varieties from 12000 farmers in East Africa and exports ,it uses a zero waste circular economy where the avocado is processed to crude oil. The waste peels are carbonized to briquettes, waste seeds planted and seedlings given back to farmers and waste pulp supports black soldier fly farming."

Finalists 2023
Afriagrimark Enterprise Limited

Agriculture | Kenya

It has created a marketplace allowing smallholder farmers to efficiently leverage their value networks to access competitive markets and better services by building a super-digital infrastructure allowing farmers to access markets for their produces, as well as agronomic services, post-harvest assets, logistics and credit..

Finalists 2023

Agriculture | Kenya

KwikBasket is an agritech based ecommerce platform solving the problem of access to markets to farmers and addressing the fresh produce supply chain constraints of commercial kitchens.It provides smallholder farmers with access to structured markets with predictable demand and supply thus giving them the opportunity to produce more and have higher incomes.

Finalists 2023
ThinkBikes Limited

Circular Economies | Nigeria

"THINKBIKES is solving transportation and logistics issues for small businesses by providing last mile transportation through manufacturing of Electric cargo bikes and making them available for ride sharing and lease to individuals and businesses in urban and rural communities for affordable clean mobility of goods using a mobile app. "

Finalists 2023

Agriculture | Zimbabwe

"Umojalands is an Agri-fintech Start-up that is revolutionizing the Agriculture Ecosystem in Zimbabwe by Streamlining processes within the Agriculture value chain and using technology as an enabler to this cause. having its wings spread in Financial inclusion work, Remote crop advisory, e-extension services, Farmland Asset Brokerage and Trade and lastly Farmland Valuation and Marketplace.

Winner 2023
Legendary Foods Ltd

Agriculture | Ghana

Legendary Foods (LF) turns Palm Larvae into a farmable protein with scalable, scientific methods and unique technology. It processes it into value-added products (condiments, fortified baked goods) or for use as an ingredient (protein powders), and upcycle the waste generated to manufacture fertilisers.

Winner 2023
Vetsark Limited

Agriculture | Nigeria

Vetsark is an agri-financing company that links farmers to bank financing by using credit scoring to rate farms and reducethe risk for banks/lend. It uses Cleva, a digital business management app to help build a formal record of the business and helps maintain a digital bank account. by ensuring visibility to order and sales datawhicht in turn enables better credit scoring.

Winner 2023
Agki Medical Laboratory

Health | Tanzania

Agki Medical is working to solve the problem of Anemia in pregnant women and children under the age of five living in rural communities. It uses an Electric car to offer a digital mobile dispensary for rural patients by providing affordable laboratory tests for diagnosis, clinics, medications for treatments, and Free Health education.

Winner 2023
Hearty Engineering

Agriculture | Ethiopia

Hearty Engineering PLC provides the Intelligent and IoT support technology device called YARSUMA used to monitor and treat Livestock’s health.

Winner 2023
Zivanae Afya Bora

Health | Nigeria

Afya Bora matches patients especially pregnant women and paediatric patients with hospitals and doctors for reliable healthcare services.It interfaces directly with consumers and users who browse and book diverse medical services on the platform by using mobile phones.

Winner 2022
Zuri Health

Healthcare | Kenya

Zuri Health is a virtual hospital that allows patients to talk to a doctor, purchase medication from a pharmacy, schedule lab and diagnostic testing, and have a doctor come to their home.

Winner 2022

Circular Economies | Kenya

Ecodudu is a waste-to-value company that makes bio fertilizer and insect feeds for chickens, pigs, and fish using the black soldier fly. The company employs a circular production approach that makes use of small scale farmers' capability in the production process.

Winner 2022
Mobility for Africa

Logistics & Transportation | Zimbabwe

Mobility For Africa provides fully serviced three wheeled electric vehicles (Hamba) that can travel up to 100 kilometers and carry up to 400 kilograms on a single charge. The vehicles are equipped with purpose built batteries, and MFA provides on-site charging stations for battery swapping, as well as after-care services to ensure that small-holder farmers and other users are always on the move.

Winner 2022
Greenpot Enterprises Limited

Environment | Kenya

Greenpot Enterprises Limited is an integrated bamboo company that operates large-scale nurseries, establishes bamboo plantations and processes the bamboo into products used in the construction industry- flooring, block boards, veneers and timber, Energy industry Brickets, pellets and the textile industry.

Winner 2021
Iyeza Health

Healthcare | South Africa

Iyeza Health delivers medication to patients home in low-income communities using a mobile app to track and trace parcel deliveries. Iyeza Health does both bulk deliveries to clinics using traditional logistical means (Trucks) and last mile delivery to low-income per urban areas using electric bikes.

Winner 2021
WEEE Center

Waste Management | Kenya

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) is a limited liability company registered in 2012. We are Africa’s largest electronic waste management facility with the aim of creating a green and safe environment in Africa. WEEE Centre’s circular vision for e waste management is environmentally friendly operations for efficient, safe and conservative collection, reuse, recovery, and disposal of electrical and electronic waste.

Winner 2021

Agriculture | Tanzania

OBRI Tanzania is an agri-food company works with smallholder women farmers to transform agriculture in Africa and ensure food security through sustainable agriculture training and practices, edible oil processing and supply under the OBRI brand.


Agri-processing | Rwanda

Masaka Creamery Ltd. is an agro processor that produces high quality dairy products for local and export markets.


Financial Inclusion | Senegal

MaTontine is a comprehensive digital financial services platform that digitizes traditional saving groups and credit scores of its members.


Clean Energy | Kenya

Kiri manufactures affordable electric vehicles and charging systems for the Kenyan and East African Market.


Healthcare | Nairobi, Kenya

Health-E-Net uses a combination of simple, paper-based clinical workflows, and mobile computer vision technology to provide a solution for improved medical electronic record keeping; to support high-quality primary healthcare delivery in low-resource settings.


Technology & Financial Services | Lagos, Nigeria

Riby is a digital and offline financial platform provider that helps communities, cooperatives and trade groups to digitize their operations and get access to financial services.


Agri-Technology | Accra, Ghana

AgroCenta is an agricultural technology company that focuses on providing market access for smallholder farmers and facilities access to financial services.


Financial Inclusion | Accra, Ghana

People's Pension Trust, Ghana (PPT) provides a unique pension savings product to people working in the informal sector in Ghana for which people can save with flexible contribution amounts, done by mobile phone or other means.


Healthcare | Nairobi, Kenya

Ilara Health brings affordable, technology-powered diagnostics and essential tests to patients and providers across peri-urban sub-Saharan Africa who currently are unable to access these basic life-saving tools.


Healthcare | Kampala, Uganda

M-SCAN is a developer and distributor of affordable portable ultrasound devices that uses laptop, tablet and mobile phone compatibility for use in low and middle-income resource health facilities.