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Sankalp Africa East meets West was started with the mission of building equitable societies of the future that will leverage heavily on innovation and entrepreneurship. Sankalp Africa East Meets West is being hosted on July 18th 2022 from 2 PM to 8 PM in Accra, Ghana.

For more than a decade, Sankalp has successfully built regional ecosystems for India and Africa, connecting international players with local organizations and entrepreneurs. We understand the importance of bringing together diverse stakeholders at the intersection of business and development, and the impact this has for early stage businesses to be able to grow.

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After successfully catalyzing regional ecosystems in India and in East Africa, the Sankalp team intends to create value for the West African ecosystem by:

As Sankalp works towards establishing a West Africa regional summit, we will begin by hosting smaller in-person events in Ghana in 2022; as well as make a concerted effort to build the East Meets West narrative in our upcoming virtual Sankalp Global Summit 2022 and Sankalp Africa Summit 2023.

Our first convening will be in Accra Ghana, along the sidelines of the ANDE West Africa Regional Conference.

Part 1: Meet and Repeat

The first segment of the event will drive connections between entrepreneurs and the local investor and incubation community. Entrepreneurs may be nominated for the program by local hubs, accelerators, and incubators and the event will accommodate up to 25 entrepreneur participants.

The objective of the meet and repeat is not to close an investment, because we know these deals can take many months, if not years to close. Rather, our objective is to provide a point of connection between these stakeholders in order to: 1) provide feedback on the business model, 2) gain insights directly from the investor community on what they themselves are looking for in potential deals, 3) begin building relationships with the investment community early on in the business’ journey.

3:00pm to 5:00pm GMT. 

We are looking for enterprises that:

The meet and repeat will begin with a brief workshop on what investors look for, and how to engage them over time to build a positive relationship. We will then move into a series of scheduled one-on-one meetings between the entrepreneurs and the investors. Each meeting will last approximately 20 minutes, and we will have 5-6 rounds of meetings. The schedule of who meets whom will be based on the sector preferences of the investors and, if applicable, their preferences on asset class, stage, and geographic focus.

Part 2: East Meets West Discussion & Networking

The second half of the program will focus on building bridges between East and West Africa. At Sankalp, we’re big on south-south collaboration and the challenges we’ve seen in the East African entrepreneurship ecosystem are incredibly similar to those that we’re seeing also in West Africa. A 45-minute engaging discussion will draw insights from a few individuals who’ve crossed the continent from both a professional and personal perspective. We’ll ask them to share some of the common challenges they see, the unique opportunities across markets, and the differences they experience, culturally and professionally.

5:00pm to 8:00pm GMT.

Key highlights

Key highlights

Meet and Repeat
Paired about 20 entrepreneurs (from Nigeria and Ghana) with 16 investors and mentors.
Networking Meetings
68 meetings in 2 hours
diiner and drink
Dinner & Cocktails Event
Over 100+ Delegates


We will host the event in collaboration with incubation and acceleration programs within Accra. Each partner organization will have the opportunity to nominate 4-5 entrepreneurs to participate in the Speed Networking event.

We are looking for local partners willing to contribute their knowledge, energy, and expertise to support the development of a positive Social Enterprise Ecosystem across the African region.

Consider partnering with us through:


Contact or to explore all opportunities.


Read the post event report here

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