Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2014: An Analysis

The 6th annual Sankalp Unconvention Summit took place in Mumbai from April 9-11, 2014 with over 100 speakers and over 20 sessions. It featured critical launches of tools and reports for the social enterprise and impact investment industry. Cases in

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Sankalp Africa Summit 2014: An Analysis

In 2013, Sankalp Forum expanded in to Africa with the ambition of accelerating enterprise growth and building a South-South corridor to promote greater learning and partnerships between developing countries. Sankalp in Africa launched with an emergin

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Food Policy Reforms: A Rapid Tour of Possibilities

This paper takes a rapid tour of the reform possibilities in the areas of storage and logistics, procurement and distribution. The paper proposes a method for determining the needs for seasonal storage and discusses what ought to be targets for capac

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State of the Low-Income Housing Market – Encouraging Progress & Opportunity to Realize Dreams of Millions

Housing for the urban poor in India has failed to keep up with the rapid urbanisation. This has led to low-income families living in cramped, sub-standard and often rented accommodations with limited access to civic amenities. The Government estimat

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Skills Development for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Developing Asia-Pacific

Skill Development for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Developing Asia - Pacific brings together views, perspectives, and insights from policy makers, practitioners, and leading experts on skills development for inclusive and sustainable growth.

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pathways to progress

Pathways to Progress

Pathways to Progress presents an overview of social enterprise activity in five critical needs sectors. It discusses some key sector-specific challenges these mission-driven for-profit businesses face and identifies opportunities for social enterpris

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