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Updates from Sankalp enterprises from Africa

by Arielle Molino

The Sankalp Africa Finalists who flew into Mumbai for the Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2014 came purposefully – over just three days, they made nearly twenty connections for partnering, collaborating, and knowledge-sharing. They have since returned home, re-energized with broader perspective and new collaborative opportunities.

Jun 16, 2014

Recap 2013: Funds raised by Sankalp Enterprises

by Charisma Murari

It was an exciting, eventful 12 months for Sankalp Alumni from across the years. Here’s a quick recap of some of the developments here in no particular order. It was an exciting, eventful 12 months for Sankalp Alumni from across the years.

Dec 23, 2013

World Environment Day Tweetchat: How are businesses addressing environmental issues?

by sankalpforum

Social innovation has been hard at work, devising and applying creative ideas to solve development issues. Enterprises like Sakhi are addressing indoor air pollution with their biomass stoves, and reducing domestic dependence on conventional cooking fuel like charcoal. Businesses like Claro Energy are using solar panels to power tube wells.

Jun 3, 2013

Stitching Together the Social Enterprise Mosaic in India

by Beyond Profit

Early stage businesses thrive best in an environment that brings together, and facilitates efficient working of all players needed for them to grow. The favourite, and oft-quoted example of such an enabling ecosystem is the Silicon Valley, but there are examples closer to the developing world as well – like the information technology industry in the Indian cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore, and the vibrant start up communities growing around academic institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

Mar 18, 2012

Sector Round Up: Jan 2012

by sankalpforum

Impact Investments of the Month Waterlife receives INR 22 Cr. from Matrix Partners India Matrix Partners India made its second investments in the water sector by acquiring an undisclosed stake for INR 22 Cr in Hyderabad based enterprise, Waterlife (Sankalp alumnus 2011). The company is involved in installing and operating mini water purification plants in rural […]

Jan 10, 2012

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