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Takamoto Biogas – Sankalp Africa Enterprise 2014

Takamoto Biogas has developed a first of its kind Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Biogas technology, bringing biogas to the millions of Kenyan farmers with dairy cows who need an affordable, reliable energy solution. Rather than paying up front for a biogas system (costing up to USD $1,500), farmers will pay a small installation fee ($100) after which they pay only for the biogas they need, when they need it by mPesa (mobile money) while Takamoto experts maintain the biogas system ensuring that it operates at full potential. With PAYG Biogas technology, there are no crippling installation fees, bank loans or failed biogas systems.

With 100 families already benefitting from Takamoto PAYG Biogas, Takamoto looks forward to the continued development of PAYG technology and applying it throughout Kenya in the next 3 years.