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Swayambhu Biologics – Sankalp Enterprise 2014

Despite the growing popularity of organic products across the country, the shortage of input supply viz. bio-manure has induced reluctance among farmers to take up organic farming. Meanwhile, industries like sugar that generate solid wastes like press mud don’t treat their waste systematically. Swayambhu’s revolutionary path breaking and proprietary compost technology titled Accelerated Rapid Biological Intervention Technology (ARBIT) composts the press mud in 14 days as against the existing 90-120 days, which is then ready for conversion as Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM).
ARBIT has revolutionized composting technology and made PROM production more viable and feasible technically and economically. ARBIT PROM is directly sold to sugarcane farmers through schemes promoted by their respective industries and the money is collected through payment adjustment systems. In one crushing season alone, Swayambhu has processed 25,000 tonnes of press mud from 4 industrial areas to produce 15,000 tonnes of PROM reaching out to 3,000 farmers.