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Sevamob – Sankalp Enterprise 2014

With the aim of transforming the delivery of primary healthcare in developing countries, Sevamob offers mobile clinics that provide primary healthcare to low-income students and employees in semi-urban areas for as low as INR 50-150 per month. Every month, basic primary care is delivered on-premises, which includes preventive care, prescriptions and medicines for common ailments. Advanced issues are handled via back-office specialists. Select plans also include hospitalization benefits and accident insurance.
Additionally Sevamob’s ‘Seva 360′ health exchange allows internet savvy patients to find healthcare providers and get tele-health services like second opinions or in-clinic appointments. Healthcare providers get patient leads and referrals through this service. We are currently serving more than 38 schools and businesses and have also replicated the model in Liberia through a licensee. Currently, Sevamob has more than 30 healthcare providers are currently participating in its health exchange.