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Pollinate Energy – Sankalp Enterprise 2014

Across India, 350 million people live without access to electricity and 235 million households cook on open fires. Living in tents in urban slums, they face health problems caused by kerosene lamps and open stoves. sustainable energy technologies are costly and distribution remains a challenge .
As a social business, Pollinate Energy provides India’s urban slum dwellers access to affordable and sustainable technologies like solar-powered home lighting and mobile charging systems, improved cookstoves and water purifiers. Through an international fellowship program, they train local entrepreneurs to sell the products door-to-door in slums creating new distribution channels and significantly improving access to these alternative technologies Thus reducing indoor air pollution, one the leading causes of premature death of women and children. Currently, Pollinate Energy has 13 Pollinators (local entrepreneurs) working in 300 communities in Bengaluru. They aim to expand their operations to three cities within the next 6 months and reach out to over 100,000 people living in urban slums.