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Navdurga Metal Industries – Sankalp Enterprise 2014

Nav Durga Metal Industries (NDMI) manufactures and distributes energy efficient clean cooking solutions. Through its products, it aims to eliminate smoke & darkness from rural households and improve their quality of life by transforming traditional cooking methods . Their natural and forced draft biomass stoves are aimed at domestic at BoP as well as commercial users.

With each cookstove saving 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 4,000 kgs of wood annually, Nav Durga’s cook stoves reduce cooking costs by 80% and indoor air pollution by 60%-80%. In India, they are the first enterprise to use rice husk as a fuel in clean cook stoves significantly reducing the cost of household spending on conventional fuel sources such as LPG, electricity, kerosene, wood and charcoal. Till date, they remain the sole organization in India to develop more than 10 designs for burning rice husk effectively & efficiently. In the next few years, they aim to disseminate 50 Lakh smoke-less cookstoves across India.