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Menstrupedia – Sankalp Enterprise 2014

Menstrual hygiene is a very important risk factor for reproductive tract infections and therefore it is a vital aspect of health education for adolescent girls. But unfortunately in India 33% girls are not aware about menstruation at the time of their menarche, 14% girls don’t believe menstruation is a biological process and 85% girls practice various restrictive customs. Menstrupedia aims to increase the adoption of hygienic ways of managing menstruation and reduce cases of reproductive tract infection among young girls and women by creating a nationwide infrastructure for spreading menstrual awareness among young girls in India.
Through its educational materials, which include comics with beautiful illustrations, interesting characters and an engaging storyline, adolescent girls learn about menstruation in an entertaining and engaging manner. At the same time it helps parents and educators in overcoming their hesitation about menstruation and discuss it openly. Over the next three years, it aims to reach out and help more than 1.5 million girls in India and by increasing awareness about menstruation.