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Krishi Star – Sankalp Enterprise 2014

Krishi Star’s vision is to lift small farmers out of poverty by enabling them to own the capacity to produce high value products out of their crops and earn a higher margin. They aims to create an economic value chain in which small farmers are drivers of success rather than merely beneficiaries.
By identifying the market need, they provide farmers the capital and operational expertise to set-up farmer-owned processing units through joint ventures. Overtime, farmers can invest their savings and through the equity buyback route and become owners of these units. Currently, they are working with farmers in Maharashtra and Gujarat and selling their tomato, mango, and cashew products to customers in Mumbai under the brand ‘Krishi’. Apart from providing a stable source of income, Krishi Star has been able to generate a 300% increase in farmer income. Their long-term vision is to be a pan-India brand that represents farmer ownership in the economy across a variety of products, markets, and geographies