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iKure – Sankalp Enterprise 2014

With only 30 per cent of the country’s combined medical forces serving 840 million people in rural India, shortage of doctors severely affects the availability of basic health care. iKure has been formulated to address this pressing need of health care among the country’s rural population. It provides accessible and affordable primary care using technology called WHIMS that enables last mile reach to quality primary care.
To bridge the rural-urban health disparity, they have established a network of Rural Health Centres (RHCs) across remote areas of West Bengal. Each of their RHCs is resourced with qualified MBBS doctors, nurses, para-medics, and diagnostic tests facilities providing a one-window approach for primary health needs of the community. Through WHIMS which is capable of running even at low bandwidth speeds of 10 kbps, the health centres are linked with tertiary hospitals for real time consultation. iKure aims to help more than 800,000 rural residents by end of 2014.