Tweetchat: Enabling socents that solve environmental challenges

Social enterprises addressing environmental challenges are hard at work trying to build a cleaner, healthier and more positive world around us. Socents like Aura Herbal Wear are making natural dyes and fabrics to create 100% eco-friendly textiles, whlile others like Nav Durga Metal Industries are creating solutions to reduce indoor pollution caused by cooking.

There are a plethora of challenges that these businesses face. On the one hand, they have taken it upon themselves to solve complex environment issues, and on the other, they are battling policy hurdles, challenges pertaining to access to capital, and so on.

This year on World Environment Day, join our tweetchat to discuss how can enterprises that are solving environmental challenges be enabled.

Some of the questions to consider are:

1)     What are the hurdles faced by enterprises that work to address environmental challenges?

  1. Investments: A critical business need, are these social enterprises finding the right support from investors? Is it easy for them to access debt / equity? What about seed capital and growth capital?
  2. Market acceptance: Do clients and customers embrace business-led environmental solutions readily? Or do entrepreneurs find it hard to compete with cheaper but less environmentally sustainable products? Are clients also concerned about the quality and effectiveness of socents’ solutions given their relatively new technologies etc?
  3. Policy: What are the hurdles while trying to get permits and licenses?  Would it help to have subsidies, tax breaks or sops that make it easier to produce and get their products to market?
  4. Visibility: Is the media & other platforms doing enough to champion awareness of the environmental merits of such businesses?

2) How can these problems be solved?

3) What is role of foundations and DFIs, intermediaries like investment bankers and angel networks, large corporates and backbone organizations

Date: June 5, 2014 | Time: 15:00 IST

Panel: Milaap, ClearlySo

Hashtag: #Sankalp


Karishma Iyer
Karishma Iyer

Karishma Iyer is a part of Intellecap's Marketing and Communications team. With a degree in English literature to boot, she uses her creative acumen to communicate the various facets of Intellecap and its group companies. She believes in harnessing digital media and networks to build relationships and deliver value.

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