Socent Fieldvisit


As a precursor to the Global Sankalp Summit 2015, Sankalp Forum along with Ennovent are organizing a field visit to give you a better understanding of the customer demographics & business model of a social enterprise.

Gaushala (dairy farm) located in the nation’s capital city is spread over an area of 20 acres, houses 700 cows of Indian breed and produces ~1,200 liters of milk daily. Gaushala has taken a pioneering step in preservation of milk by cooling 500 liters of milk using dry cow-dung cakes through GreenCHILL.

Developed with over 4 years of R&D effort, New Leaf has developed GreenCHILL; an off-grid, compressor-less & renewable energy powered refrigeration system uses biogas, dry cow-dung cakes, dead wood, bamboo, husk, hay or other farm waste for cooling.

Date: April 8, 2015
Time: 11 AM – 1 PM
Location: Ghazipur Dairy Farm, near Koshambi Metro Station

Outcomes of this visit –

  • View live operation of an off-grid, compressor-less & renewable energy powered bulk milk cooler which uses dried cow-dung cakes as energy source instead of grid power or DG set backup to cool 500 liters of milk
  • Understand how farm waste can be utilized using GreenCHILL to run bulk milk coolers & cold storages in rural areas
  • Understand how co-generation can be utilized to reduce energy cost to almost zero
  • Engage in conversation with customers to understand how they have benefited by installing an off-grid bulk milk cooler
  • Engage in conversation with the inventors of GreenCHILL

Key takeaways from this visit –

  • Impact of the enterprise
  • Market potential of New Leaf
  • Partnership and investment opportunities with New Leaf
  • Meet our seed investors and customers
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*Exclusive opportunity for Executive Ticket Holders, limited slots available for others

Last date for sign-up – April 5,2015

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