Why is Sankalp a marquee event for Africa?

Enterprise Development Support for Entrepreneurs: Sankalp’s core purpose is to create an environment where entrepreneurs thrive. Entrepreneurs at the summit receive curated learning and development support as well as critical visibility among global partners and funders.
Exclusive Networking Opportunities: No other convening in the region brings together such diverse stakeholders where grassroots entrepreneurs can interact with global DFIs, investors, intermediaries, government representatives and many more.
Partnership & Collaboration: With a unique focus on emerging markets the summit facilitates partnerships and collaborations between large corporations, small and medium size enterprises as well as entrepreneurs and innovators aiming to reach low-income consumers.
Country Spotlights: This is especially important for anyone with ambitions to scale or establish presence in other countries across the continent and would like to get in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities present in those regions.
Sector Insights: structured focus group discussions on sectors such as education, agriculture value chains, clean energy and access water. The Summit will drive greater harmonization among global actors and build on conversations at previous summits which were focused around the theme of spurring the entrepreneurship economy.