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Seen & Heard at Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2014

The sixth edition of Sankalp Forum’s annual global Summit saw over 1,000 people from all over the world. Power-packed keynotes by Dr Aravind of Aravind Eye Care, Sir Ronald Cohen of the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce and Dr Devi Shetty of Narayana Health led the way for the three day Summit from Apr 9-11, 2014.


Apart from these, the Summit saw over a 100 speakers and over 20 sessions. It featured critical launches of tools and reports for the social enterprise and impact investment industry.  Cases in point – PRISM (India’s first impact fund rating tool); StartupWave (a virtual incubator for social enterprises); and, Invest. Catalyze. Mainstream (Intellecap’s report to take stock of impact investments in India since 2004). In addition, Monitor Deloitte also used the Sankalp platform to launch its new report Beyond the Pioneer, which was also launched at the Skoll World Forum a few hours later. The Summit was attended by over 422 organizations like Unilever, Google, Bosch and social enterprises like Avani and Kinaara Capital. Meaningful engagements, interactions in person and on social media, as well as outcome focused huddles allowed the Summit to culminate into over 100 mentoring connections for social entrepreneurs and over 17 commitments for due diligence by investors. Among the most talked about sessions were:

  1. The Global Enterprise Showcase, which saw elevator pitches from 30 socents from India and Africa
  2. The Reverse Pitch, where large corporates – Google, Cisco, Bosch and Unilever – told social startups why they should work for them
  3. Financial Inclusion session, which talked about how to bring India’s 60% unbanked population on to the map.

Here are some of the snapshots from our twitteratti:

‏@dnandann This is what I have earned from @SankalpForum!! A life time experience.. :-) @andylieberman Thanks @SankalpForum for an inspired and inspiring #SUS2014!! It’s wonderful that #GSBI is part of the India #socent ecosystem @vishal_locobuzz Thrilled to go all the way @SankalpForum Thank you so much for a great platform and opportunity! @spatialideas @JTangelder Thanks @SankalpForum & #SUS14 team! You really showed me Mumbai dance! More High Impact #Collision networking2come: hope2see you back soon! All in all, a great three days that brought together varied development practitioners and industry players on to one platform.

Please find the detailed Summit report here.

Charisma Murari
Charisma Murari

Charisma is a baptised digital marketing junkie who loves encountering path breaking, new ideas – online and offline. Working in the entrepreneurial social development space with Intellecap, she is constantly inspired by astute innovators who are turning widely held notions upside down.

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