Corridors for Shared Prosperity

Corridors for Shared Prosperity is the collaborative effort of IFC World Bank Group and Intellecap to accelerate business transfer between India and Africa, by building knowledge and information around ‘what works’ in successful transfer. In order to do this, we have analyzed 11 cases of successful business model transfers across agriculture, healthcare, and renewable energy, and consulted over 44 industry practitioners with a specific focus on transfer from India to Africa.

The empirical evidence and insights resulting from this analysis have been used to create a framework and roadmap to inform systematic transfer. Additional knowledge resources that use the framework as a foundation to create actionable insights have also been created. These include a deep-dive report, detailed case studies and a downloadable toolkit comprising of a self-diagnostic tool and checklists.

It is our hope that these resources encourage inclusive businesses, and their funders and supporters to explore the opportunity in cross-border transfer and expansion of successful models.

Please find the technical notes here, and the toolkit for entrepreneurs evaluating expansion into Africa here.

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