Charting the Course: How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies

In recent years, much has been written about impact investing – an investing approach that intentionally seeks to create both financial return as well as positive social and/or environmental impact that is actively measured. Topics have included the attractiveness of impact investing as an investment approach, the growth in assets committed to impact investing and the potential for impact investing to create positive change. But given the range of impact investing approaches and investor types, there is still no predefined course that an interested “mainstream investor” can follow to begin making impact investments. This ambiguity stems not from insurmountable barriers to entry – indeed the population of impact investors is growing – but rather from the maturing nature of the impact investing approach.

Charting the Course: How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies explores a refreshed perspective on the long-term viability of impact investing and presents the “Impact Investing Roadmap” – a framework that investors can use to clarify their vision for impact investing, define stages of impact investing activities and identify tactical steps to develop an investment strategy. While this report does not contain the aforementioned “predefined course” to successful impact investing, it does suggest a series of steps that can help mainstream investors ask the right questions, to define the right principles and practices and to draw on the right resources. By going through these steps, mainstream investors can chart their own course.

The report mentions Intellecap‘s pioneering tool PRISM as one of the top resources aiding impact investing.

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