State of the Low-Income Housing Market – Encouraging Progress & Opportunity to Realize Dreams of Millions

Housing for the urban poor in India has failed to keep up with the rapid urbanisation. This has led to low-income families living in cramped, sub-standard and often rented accommodations with limited access to civic amenities. The Government estimat

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Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2014: An Analysis

The 6th annual Sankalp Unconvention Summit took place in Mumbai from April 9-11, 2014 with over 100 speakers and over 20 sessions. It featured critical launches of tools and reports for the social enterprise and impact investment industry. Cases in

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india socent rep

India Social Enterprise Landscape Report

India Social Enterprise Landscape report provides a broad overview of the SE landscape in India. The report aims to understand the broad contours of India’s SE space, and to gain an understanding of what SEs could potentially be listed on a propose

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policy guide

Breaking the Binary: Policy Guide to Scaling Social Innovation

Breaking the Binary: Policy Guide to Scaling Social Innovation outlines a set of 12 case studies in 10 different countries in which policies have been enacted to support the development of social enterprise and related impact investments (also referr

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e-guide to early stage global impact investing

The growing field of impact investing focuses on investing capital with the deliberate intention of achieving both financial value (return on capital) and social value (positive impact on social and environmental problems).  In early-stage impact in

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Ideas for impact

The Sankalp Forum-Samridhi Social Enterprise Recognition and Regional Summit, organized in collaboration with DFID and GIZ, was aimed at supporting social entrepreneurs working in India's Low Income States (LIS). As part of the Summit, a special "Rec

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