Sankalp Africa Summit 2014: An Analysis

In 2013, Sankalp Forum expanded in to Africa with the ambition of accelerating enterprise growth and building a South-South corridor to promote greater learning and partnerships between developing countries. Sankalp in Africa launched with an emergin

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Beyond the Pioneer: Getting Inclusive Industries to Scale

There has been increasing interest around the world in the role that inclusive businesses, which engage and benefit the global poor, can play in the fight against the problems of poverty. However,disappointingly few of these have achieved the scale r

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Ideas for impact

The Sankalp Forum-Samridhi Social Enterprise Recognition and Regional Summit, organized in collaboration with DFID and GIZ, was aimed at supporting social entrepreneurs working in India's Low Income States (LIS). As part of the Summit, a special "Rec

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Impact Investing 2.0: The Way Forward – Insight from 12 Outstanding Funds

The Impact Investor Project was established in 2012 as a two-year research partnership between InSight at Pacific Community Ventures, CASE at Duke University, and ImpactAssets. The goal was simple: supplant the guesswork and conjecture in impact inve

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Convergence of patience, purpose, and profit: An analysis of impact investments in India

India Venture Capital and Private Equity (VCPE)’s report – ‘Convergence of patience, purpose, and profit: An analysis of impact investments in India’ focuses on Social Ventures / Impact investments. It has been increasingly realized that soc

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Catalytic First Loss Capital

In the nascent but growing impact investment market, some investment opportunities that have strong potential for social or environmental impact are perceived as having high financial risk. Catalytic credit enhancement tools, such as first-loss cap

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