Invest. Catalyze. Mainstream: The Indian Impact Investing Story

India is globally regarded as a major hub for impact investing, with a highly evolved ecosystem comprising diverse stakeholders, well regarded successes in BoP entrepreneurship, pioneering investors, and a wide array of enterprise enablers. This stud

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e-guide to early stage global impact investing

The growing field of impact investing focuses on investing capital with the deliberate intention of achieving both financial value (return on capital) and social value (positive impact on social and environmental problems).  In early-stage impact in

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Catalytic First Loss Capital

In the nascent but growing impact investment market, some investment opportunities that have strong potential for social or environmental impact are perceived as having high financial risk. Catalytic credit enhancement tools, such as first-loss cap

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Sankalp Africa Summit 2014: An Analysis

In 2013, Sankalp Forum expanded in to Africa with the ambition of accelerating enterprise growth and building a South-South corridor to promote greater learning and partnerships between developing countries. Sankalp in Africa launched with an emergin

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On the path to sustainability and scale

Landscape - In India, social enterprises have become a national phenomenon in less than a decade, with a growing ecosystem of supporting players. Yet, despite this impressive growth, little is known about these social enterprises collectively. Intell

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Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2014: An Analysis

The 6th annual Sankalp Unconvention Summit took place in Mumbai from April 9-11, 2014 with over 100 speakers and over 20 sessions. It featured critical launches of tools and reports for the social enterprise and impact investment industry. Cases in

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