Kevin Jones

Co-founder & Convener, Social Capital Markets

Kevin Jones has led eight startups and turnarounds, seven of which were successful and became the leading players in their markets. He started his career as a community journalist in the poorest county in the poorest state in the U.S. While there, he covered football, birthday parties and also put a sheriff in prison through his investigative reporting. Continuing to function as a community journalist, he has created information businesses around communities inside emerging agriculture, technology and investing markets. His most recent startup is Social Capital Markets, the largest social enterprise and impact investing conference. A startup guy, he has recently handed that business, and its related five Impact Hubs, to an expansion guy. Most founders are like lettuce, they all have a sell-by date. For Kevin, it’s when brand managers want to keep him on message. He now leads portfolio engagement for Good Capital Holdings, the company that owns SOCAP, the Impact Hubs, investments in the General Partnerships of two impact venture funds, and direct investments in companies as well as Good Capital’s Good Economy Fab Lab;. He lives on a farm on a river in North Carolina with his wife, grandsons and a dog. He is preparing for the first galley showing of his photographs.