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Notes from a changing world…
 April 12th

Urbanization, one of humankind’s most successful and ambitious programs, is the triumph of the unnatural over the natural, the grid over the organic…Underway on a scale never before witnessed, one side effect of urbanization is the liberation of vast depopulated territories for the efficient production of ‘nature’.

Bruce Mau, Designer

A New Urban Agenda is needed to unlock the transformative power of cities and effectively take advantage of the opportunities offered by urbanization, states UN HABITAT’s flagship report on sustainable urban development.
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India is transforming from a rural to an urban country. To prepare our cities for the future – we need to reimagine concepts of shelter, utilities, culture, health, and economy. Unless we plan today, we will build cities that codify inequity and unsustainability.
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For ASEAN countries, continuing to develop and urbanize sustainably is a huge challenge. In order to confront this challenge in 25 rapidly growing cities, ASEAN created the ASEAN Initiative on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (ESC).
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Major cities in Africa currently contribute about $700 billion to the continent’s GDP. This figure is set to grow to $1.7 trillion by 2030. Urbanization in the Africa of today is an untapped tool for development and economic growth.
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Urbanization of the world’s population is an unstoppable freight train. But what this means for entrepreneurship has been underexplored. Urbanization, collaboration, and democratization are creating innovation hubs in our cities like never before.
Here are 15 trailblazing urban innovations ranging from Malang, Indonesia’s funding of healthcare for low-income residents with revenue from garbage collection to Chicago’s efforts to recruit diverse citizen groups to test usability of city websites and mobile apps.
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With the growth of urbanization and water scarcity in India, startups can offer a much-needed solution for smart cities and businesses in India and globally.
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Drive towards smart cities is important, but better business models are needed to facilitate participation and as more private organizations join the collaborative environment, the projects will evolve.
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Researchers and students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences do practical research on suitable business models and advise organizations in setting-up, managing and scaling up a smart city project.
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Urbanization is expensive – here are 6 innovative projects helping to fund growth in our cities. Each involve multiple stakeholders, often including municipalities, capital market participants, development banks, technology companies and venture capital.
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Six cities in India have been ranked among the world’s 30 most dynamic cities, with Bengaluru taking the top spot, beating the likes of Silicon Valley, Shanghai and London, according to a report by JL
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