Wednesday Scribbles : Information Communication Technology 4 Development (ICT4D)


Notes from a changing world…
April 19th

 Around 400 million people in the last year got a smartphone. If you think that’s a big deal, imagine the impact on that person in the developing world.”

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

Globally, emerging technologies are disrupting industries and the way we think about problem solving. These technologies have the potential to act as impact amplifiers and challenge traditional approaches in sectors such as agriculture, financial services, healthcare, education, water, and energy.
Read more…A clear challenge of programme delivery with mobile tech is ‘local’; providing culturally-relevant content for local challenges, in local languages. A mobile app to develop children’s reading skills is addressing this in Maharashtra.
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In India the national average for active bank account use is 42%, overall bank account enrolment is 63%, and mobile phone ownership is at 60%. A NetHope report looks at how new digital service offerings could positively disrupt the financial lives of the underserved and unserved throughout India.
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For refugees arriving to Europe from the Syrian Civil War and elsewhere, access to information is vital for their security and planning ahead. Mercy Corps has developed a website dedicated to refugees to help them access information and advice about their journeys:
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Ten SMSes to Telugu farmers changed the way they sow and increased their groundnut crop yields by 30%. ICRISAT and Microsoft India’s Sowing App and Personalized Village Advisory Dashboard is using big data for farmers’ returns.
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What happens when young people are empowered with IT and tech skills and knowledge to build their own livelihoods? A partnership between a skilling organisation working with disadvantaged youth in north-east India and a professional data services provider is changing lives for young men and women.
It is surprising for many that the first question many refugees have when they reach camps in Greece is “Do you have wifi?” Look at this free wifi infrastructure project that is bringing reliable wifi connection to camps across Greece.
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Partnerships demonstrate the great potential of working together to drive innovation and impact, advance the sustainable development agenda and address other major global challenges. The UN Global Compact helps participants create partnerships across sectors through networking, collaboration with Local Networks, resource development and online partnership matchmaking.
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Through this simple tool, users could take a photo whenever they saw burning garbage on the streets, and WhatsApp it to a number. The images were then mapped and citizens started to use the tool to reach out their local level officials and engage them.
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Are tier 1 cities and states in India reaping the benefits of corporate and government innovation? Through government and private sector partnerships, Hyderabad is being transformed into a global tech hub once again.
The SDG ICT Playbook: From Innovation to Impact was developed after the 2016 ICT4D Conference with the inputs from partners and speakers on where investments in ICT should be made in order to increase impact and support the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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