Twitterchat Womens Day

How can #impinv empower and invest in women entrepreneurs

It’s quite remarkable that of all the MSMEs served by formal finance institutions in India, only an estimated 9.5% are owned by women. Globally as well, a survey by ANDE and Value 4 Women found that access to both credit and capital remains a challenge for women entrepreneurs.

Juxtapose this with a USAID finding that women spend approximately 90% of their income on their families, ensuring their children and relatives have access to healthcare and education, and it becomes obvious that the empowerment and success of women amplifies development of communities at large.

In this backdrop we are organizing a twitter chat to hear from women entrepreneurs, donor organizations, impact investors, enablers on challenges of access & attitudes as well as possible solutions. The tweetchat will also aim to bring in voices from academia and from people at large who are committed to reducing inequity and creating inclusive opportunities across the gender divide.

Some questions that the chat will cover include:

  1. What is true empowerment for women? What can break the cycle of disparity?
  2. How can women move further up the ladder and become change makers?
  3. What are the critical social attitudes towards women that need to change?
  4. How can this mindset shift be driven?
  5. What are the challenges for women entrepreneurs?
  6. What are the financial hurdles that affect women entrepreneurs more than their counterparts?
  7. What are the non-financial but sustained support efforts needed for women entrepreneurs
  8. The most inspiring women entrepreneur story you’ve encountered in the last week?

Topic: How can #impinv empower and invest in women entrepreneurs

Date: Mar 5, 2015

Time: 3pm IST

Hashtag: #SFEmpower

Moderated by: @CharismaMurari, Head – Marketing Communications, Intellecap

Primary handles: @SankalpForum

Partner handles: @USAid, @AspenAnde, @SankhyaPartners

Charisma Murari
Charisma Murari

Charisma is a baptised digital marketing junkie who loves encountering path breaking, new ideas – online and offline. Working in the entrepreneurial social development space with Intellecap, she is constantly inspired by astute innovators who are turning widely held notions upside down.

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