The first ever Sankalp Global Innovation Challenge (Sankalp GIC) is a call for innovative technology-based product solutions that can reach the Next 3 Billion (N3B) and contribute to inclusive development. The platform will recognize some of the best innovations from around the world for their relevance to the emerging markets.

Innovations We Are Seeking

We are looking for new products that are solving a pressing challenge for low income communities (at under US$4 a day) or are otherwise underserved because of geographic or social exclusion.

We encourage applications from new and early-stage product companies and inventors (individuals with patents) that have created a proof of concept with some evidence of its efficacy in addressing social challenges.

The product companies and inventors could be based anywhere in the world, but provide solutions that can solve problems for the developing world. In other words, we have a strong focus on the target market of the products (developing Asia, Africa, and Latin America) - and recognize the importance of being democratic in finding solutions wherever they are.

The types of product innovations that we find especially exciting are those that:
  • Solve an access problem - bringing solutions to doorsteps of those in need;
  • Solve an affordability problem - drastically reducing the cost of the product itself or its delivery, or creating new ways to finance consumption;
  • Build world class quality solutions - low-cost need not mean low-quality;
  • Take a product/technology solution that already works well in one sector, and adapt it to another;
  • Contextualize for the real-world. e.g. they move away from reliance on highly developed infrastructure (3g/internet), highly skilled talent (ex: engineers and doctors).

Some of the sectors and themes which need such solutions are:
  • Farm-tech and food-tech
  • Healthcare diagnosis, delivery, and monitoring
  • Financial inclusion
  • Making cities more livable
  • Decreasing information asymmetry across different problems ranging from job hunting to accessing government schemes
  • Using data to drive intelligent decisions - by farmers, public healthcare providers, disaster response teams etc.

What do we want innovators to answer?

  • Submit a 3-minute video/ presentation describing
    1. i. the problem they want to solve,
    2. ii. the solution they have created,
    3. iii. evidence that it works,
    4. iv. reasons why it can scale, and
    5. v. current state/traction
  • Submit a product demo or a website with product specifications,
  • Basic information: name, organization name, contact details (phone number and email), city and country of origin,
  • Availability to pitch in-person at Global Sankalp Summit 2016 to be held during April 20-22,2016 at Mumbai, India

What do innovators achieve?

  • Get introduced to more than 100 investors worldwide
  • Showcase your idea with 2000+ attendees from across the world at Global Sankalp Summit 2016
  • Get feedback on your idea from a 10 member international jury
  • Sponsorship to attend 3 large international conferences as a special delegate

Apply here by simply uploading the video of your innovation and