Ziqitza Healthcare Limited is an emergency medical services provider operating lifesaving ambulances across multiple Indian states. It was set up by a group of young professionals who, after their education / training in the US and professional employment / entrepreneurial projects in India, realized the acute need for organized and networked Ambulance service in India for saving lives which may otherwise have been lost ONLY for want of timely medical attention. Ziqitza health care operates the Emergency Medical Response (Ambulance) Services under two models Dial ‘1298’ for Ambulance (Popularly called 1298 model) – Fee for Service model with cross subsidy, where the rich and affordable pays higher and the poor pays less, and for very poor/accidents/emergencies the service is free of cost. Currently this service is operational in the city of Mumbai and the state of Kerala. Dial ‘108’ in Emergency (Popularly called 108 model) – This model is usually in public private partnership with State Governments, this could be either free to patient or on a user fee, as per the contract with State Governments. The service is provided to Emergency victims. This model is operational in Bihar, Trivandrum, Rajasthan and Punjab.

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