With over 400 million people across India affected by indoor air pollution and deforestation becoming a critical environmental problem, a lack of access to clean cook stove is a major health and energy problem affecting much of rural India. To address this, Swami Samarth has developed a safe, durable, and clean biomass cook stove, designed to meet the needs of women in rural India. Since their founding in 1995, they have developed six product variants and evolved their cook stove to include other features such as for lighting and charging mobile phones. Swami Samarth’s vision is to provide ecofriendly and fuel efficient cooking options for families in rural India at an affordable cost and with easy access to a supply of fuel.

Team: Soumitra Kulkarni, Founder & CEO; Nayanish Joshi, CMO; Dhiraj Khot, Director; Sai Bhaskar Reddy, Technical Advisor

Finalist - Sankalp-Alliance Award for Clean Cooking Solutions 2014