Sampurnearth provides end-to-end decentralized waste management solutions for housing societies, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses, etc. For wet waste, depending on the waste generated, it installs biogas plants (based on the Nisargruna technology developed at BARC) or composting pits while the dry waste is channelized to recycling units through a network of waste pickers and recyclers. They also provide “Zero-waste” services (operations & maintenance) which require installation of biogas plants, composting units and also involves dry waste collection typically for large organizations. Additionally, Sampurnearth provides services like waste audit, awareness, recycled paper stationery, and manure utility. Sampurnearth envisions a world where waste is transformed into utilizable resources without exploitation of people or the planet. They are working towards breaking the non-cyclic process of waste management, which currently involves extraction, production, consumption and dumping or land filling, resulting in green house gas emissions, ground water pollution and an ever-increasing strain on natural resource.

Team: Debartha Banerjee, Co-founder; Jayanth Nataraju, Co-founder; Ritvik Rao, Co-founder

Media: The Guardian


Winner of the Artha Venture Challenge 2014; Winner of Global Social Venture Competition 2014; Grant from Development Bank of Singapore and Rochling Foundation