Pharma Secure provides pharma companies with proposals to implement unique pSID coding solutions, targeted towards patients with access to SMS, mobile applications and the web.  Their product range comprises of over 400 million coded packs of medicines.

Pharma Secure developed PSconnect, a free healthcare mobile application, offered in multiple languages.

To date, Pharma Secure works with 6 of the 10 largest pharma companies in India, has issued over 400 million codes, and protected INR 2 billion worth of dosages.  Over the next 2 years, they plan to launch an entire consumer online health platform, from which customers can manage their entire PharmaSecure experience. This will be a highly customizable, multi-platform system which will include enhanced web and mobile app features and will leverage patient, chemist, and doctor relationships.

Additionally, they plan to strengthen their presence in rural markets by providing psConnect in regional languages with voice-based services. They also plan to launch psConnect globally where local laws permit.

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