MicroGraam is an online peer-to-peer lending platform that brings several innovations to traditional micro-credit. We offer flexible repayment terms and low interest rates to borrowers. Under our micro ventures model, the micro-venture capitalists provide the upfront funding to the micro-entrepreneur to build a small business, the two parties share in profits or losses for a pre-determined number of year. Most (85-90%) of our borrowers are women from extremely low-income backgrounds. We work with local NGOs to provide training and additional services to support our borrowers and help develop successful businesses.

We decrease the perceived risk that investors might assume when investing in low-income borrowers by providing a financial return and risk mitigation in the form of a principle guarantee. Our goal is to create a scalable model for micro-credit investment.

Team: Rangan Varadan, Balakrishnan. V, Nasrun Mir

Press and Media: Times of India and Economic Times

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Winner - Women Empowerment Sector, Sankalp Awards for India 2014