While many look at the healthcare industry and simply see an opportunity to open multispecialty or single specialty clinic, a pharmacy or chain of diagnostic centres, we look deeper and see the needs, challenges and opportunities that exist in the interaction between healthcare stakeholders. We are healthcare focused social enterprise and we bring the combined benefits of preventive care, curative healthcare and health insurance to the masses at the bottom of the pyramid. Our service is packaged as a combined product at very affordable cost which can be paid on a monthly basis. We deliver these services directly through pan India alliances. Our  vision is to develop and deploy innovative healthcare solutions & services that enable quality healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

In India, healthcare providers have the need to increase sales and maximize return on their investments. Referral fee and ‘heavy discounts for bulk purchases are common practices among them.  On the other side, individuals at Bottom of Pyramid do not have access to quality healthcare, preventive care and health insurance for several reasons, some being, High market prices, Lack of knowledge and information and No bargaining power.We connect the health care ecosystem through a nationwide sales, service delivery and customer support infrastructure to deliver healthcare services from hospitals, physicians, counselors, diagnostic centres, and alternative therapy providers. We top up the health care services through a range of value added services that create loyalty with individuals and also leverage technology to create the reach and simple, efficient service delivery process

Team: Aditya Joshi, Co-founder & COO; Anchal Sharma, Co-founder & CFO