While there is a growing aspiration for English language skills among all sections of the population, there is a lack of proficient tutors. The Karadi Path methodology is a unique and indigenously developed pedagogy based on mother tongue learning and the unique Indian experience of multilingualism. We provide high-impact, low-cost programs to deliver English language proficiency to children and adults, even in environments where the language is not supported. The methodology is designed such that even teachers who are not highly proficient in English can deliver our programs effectively.

Our programs are being implemented in 276 institutions in rural, semi-urban and urban schools and colleges covering 55,000 children across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kerala.  Schools using Karadi Path have reported multi-fold improvement in students’ English skills and visible impact on their learning outcomes in all subjects.  A third-party validation study of 50 Mumbai corporation schools using Karadi Path has shown a 306% improvement in English skills resulting from a program comprising 48 hours of class time.

We plan to gradually expand our operations to West India and North India within the next 18 months and enter markets in South Asia and South East Asia where the ecosystem and needs are similar.

Team: C P Viswanath and Hanitha Giridharan

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Winner - Education & Vocational training Sector, Sankalp Awards for India 2014