DR Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda’s populations have limited access to affordable, safe drinking water. Despite improved municiple piping schemes in most urban contexts, the majority of the population stilll relies on boiling to ensure water safety. Many of these same countries face unemployment rates of 70% or higher among youth.

To address both the water crisis and employment crisis, Jibu equips entrepeneurs with a proven, business-in-a-box franchise solution: strategically located storefronts that draw water from any local source and filter / package it on-the-spot using leading-edge ultra-filtration. Drinking water is sold in reusable bottles to the bottom 90% of the under-served market within a hyper-local target market (about 2km radius around each franchise) at a price lower than cost of the charcoal required to boil water. Launched in 2012, Jibu has now launched 5 franchises.


Team: Galen Welsh, Co-founder and CEO (Africa); Charles Gatete, Franchise Owner and Regional Developer

Awards: Unreasonable Institute, GSBI, ANDE, IFA (International Franchise Association) Next Gen Young Entrepreneurs Award

Press & Media: Changemakers; Nextbillion

Finalist, Sankalp Awards for Africa 2015