‘I Say Organic’ incorporated in April 2011, aims at creating a demand-driven shift towards ecologically sustainable food production by making organic produce and other daily groceries easily accessible. The mission of the company is to offer customers more natural, nutritious, and chemical-free organic produce conveniently at an affordable price. It currently procures farm produce from 9 certified organic producer groups (3,000+ farmers) at prices significantly higher than market prices to incentivize more farmers to take up eco-friendly farming methods. It takes consumers’ orders online or through phone and delivers orders at the customers’ doorsteps. Its main focus is fresh fruit and vegetables where there is market gap, although it also sells non-perishable items such as flours, pulses, oils and honey. Competitive edge includes widest range of produce, same day delivery and time-slot delivery options for consumers, and strong focus on customer engagement.

Team: Ashmeet Kapoor, Founder & CEO; Aakanksha Kapoor, Marketing; Priyanka Chhabra, Communications