In Malawi, poor collection techniques in the honey industry are causing product wastage and destruction of bee-hives. Smallholder bee keepers lack access to reliable and profitable markets, extension services and modern equipment. Also, there is a growing unemployment in young Malawians aged 15-29 years old, and therefore a lot of available human capital to invest in the relatively untapped honey industry.

Honey Products Industries optimizes the value chain for honey to procure and process high quality organic honey while producing triple bottom line social, economic and environmental impacts. The honey is sourced from independent smallholder beekeepers, packaged and processed in factory hubs and then distributed across the country. The enterprise trains young people to own and operate business outlets located in specific geographical locations via a mini-franchise model. These mini-franchises provide beekeeping equipment and training to local smallholder bee keepers.


Team: Fredrick Matress, Co-Founder & Managing Director; Victor Chambayika Mhango, Co-Founder & Chairperson

Awards: 2014 SEED Afria

Press & Media: SEED Initiative, CNN

Finalist, Sankalp Awards for Africa 2015