Incorporated in 2013, Guru-G is the world’s first gamified platform for teaching and teacher training. Guru-G converts existing textbooks and teacher resources into adaptive teaching packs (or guided lesson plans), which provide in-class guidance to teachers on different ways in which they can teach a topic. The guidance adapts to the teacher’s past behavior, student moods & the practices that have resulted in best learning outcomes for their students. These packs save preparation time & effort for a teacher before class plus make teaching fun and interesting during and after class. Teachers can also track their progress and train at their own pace if interested.

Team: Amruth Ravindranath, Co-founder & CEO; Shivananda Salgame, Co-founder; Anand Joshi, Co-founder & Director

One of the top 11 tech companies selected to join Unreasonable-At-Sea, a global tech accelerator by Unreasonable Institute & co-founder of Stanford d.School; Incubated at Vita Beans Labs