Green Power seeks to solve the urban waste problem by utilising local technologies and business models.  In India, 25% of the 75,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste produced comes from mass kitchens in tier I cities.  This market, which is estimated at USD 3 bn, is the market that Green Power Systems focuses on.

Green Power Systems has developed a waste-to-energy reactor called BioUrja (pending patent), a highly compact design producing 7 kg worth of LPG for every 100 kg bio-waste.  Green Power Systems have also developed a GPS shredder, designed specifically for wet waste and GPS dewatering systems, separating solids from mixtures.

With a large customer base, Green Power Systems reaches their target audience through a captive model as well as decentralized congregated model.  For every ton of bio-waste that GPS handles, there are 5 people employed by GPS, and an average of 10 people are involved in the waste collection.  They manage an effective handling of waste generated by 7,000 people.

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Winners - Clean Energy & Clean Technology, Sankalp Awards 2013