GIBSS aims to enhance lives through sustainable approaches. It helps businesses reduce costs and raise productivity through compelling “triple bottom line” energy efficiency products and solutions in their buildings. Its clients include five star hotels, embassies and specialty restaurants.

GIBSS operates on a zero initial investment or Pay from Savings model and performance bank guarantees, and has made state of the art disruptive technologies commercially viable to Indian clients with low payback periods. In addition, products are customized to meet needs of vertical markets and managed accounts, unique sales approach and constant innovation.

Lighting, air conditioning and hot water account for 70% of energy consumption of a building. There is a huge gap in demand and supply of energy in India and energy efficiency is one way to meet this demand & reduce this gap.Green building systems has a huge market especially with growth in the infrastructure and construction segment in India and with the number of international firms/MNCs operating in the space.

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