Uganda has one of the worst healthcare records in the world with almost 65% of the population denied access to quality healthcare (~24 million people). Malaria is still one of the largest killers. Pre and Post natal care is almost negligible (55% of the deliveries are still done at home)

Founded in 2012 GEEL Medical services aims to reduce preventable health related diseases and deaths in marginalized areas of Sub Saharan Africa by improving access to quality, affordable and reliable comprehensive healthcare services. GEEL Medical Services offers comprehensive healthcare services in the Tororo region of Uganda through its 24/7, 20 bed hospital and through its medical outreach camps.


Team: Gideon Emorut, Co-founder and CEO; Lilian Emorut, Managing Director; Oyango Jagire, Head, General Healthcare services

Press & Media: Unreasonable

Finalist, Sankalp Awards for Africa 2015