Rwanda and the entire East African Community are at a critical stage in terms of being able to produce food to feed their growing populations. The two main challenges are: 1) The lack in the availability of clean plants and seeds; and 2) lack of knowledge/social acceptance with regard to agronomy practices that can dramatically increase plant productivity.

Founded in 2011, FAIM has established the first tissue culture lab and plant propagation facility of its kind in Africa, producing clean, disease free planting materials, demonstrating how such plants combined with good agronomy can increase production, and teaching sustainable agriculture techniques. FAIM plants increase farmer productivity 5 to 10 times current yields. This is key to enhancing food security in Rwanda, which has one of the lowest levels of agricultural productivity in all of Africa and the lowest rate of nutrition in the region.


Team: Steve Jones, founder and CEO; Amos Sang, Director of tissue culture lab; Joshua Kemboi, Nursery director in charge of plant propagation; Shivdas Puthiyedath, Administration and Finance; Patrick Rukundo, Sales and Marketing manager

Awards: Major grant-funding award for $750,000 from Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund, AECF

Press & Media: Forbes; OPIC

Finalist, Sankalp Awards for Africa 2015
FAIM has won grant of $750,000 from AECF