Eram focuses on developing solutions in alternate energy, clean technologies, and pro nature applications. It aims for an eSanitation revolution that is sustainable and cost-effective. Eram plans to enter into technology transfer arrangements in South Africa and dealership arrangements in Oman, Nigeria and Botswana.

The ‘Delight Bharath’ toilets are portable with a built-in electronic mechanism to facilitate self-cleaning of the toilets. Auto sterilization is enabled after each usageand ensures optimal water usage. The toilets use environment friendly bio-enzyme technique that is not only affordable but also long lastingto treat solid waste. In addition, various alerts are incorporated in the toilet system for aiding the users.

The market covers the whole Indian urban sanitation space comprising the existing sanitation facilities where automation could be incorporated.The market growth rate is estimated to be 15%.

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Winners - Health, Water & Sanitation, Sankalp Awards 2012