Ekam Eco Solutions works in the domain of improving sanitation status, hygiene and health in urban and rural areas. Its first product is a patented waterless urinal odor technology called “Zerodor”. Unlike its competitors, Zerodor does not require replaceable parts or consumables resulting in low maintenance costs and can be easily installed or retrofitted to existing urinal pans. It works on the principle of a valve that allows the urine to pass through and blocks the odour coming from the drain pipe.

Ekam’s approach is focused on providing the bottom of the economic pyramid access to safe and sustainable sanitation Ekam’s continuing effort is to evolve strategies and solutions for communities by employing user-centered design process.  While there is an urgent need to increase sanitation coverage, it is important to ensure that another chain of problems such as water contamination, pathogen propagation are not caused by rapid deployment of water-based sanitation systems. It is now well known that untreated products from sanitation systems get discharged in water bodies leading to health risks, environmental degradation, water contamination etc. It is often not recognized that all of us are affected to contamination and health risks owing to improper waste disposal. Ekam is taking advantage of the enormous opportunity to provide safe and sustainable sanitation solutions in public places, institutions and public transportation systems.

Team: Dr. Vijayaraghavan Chariar, Chairman & Director; Uttam Banerjee, CEO & Director

Media: Mint

Winner of DST – Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program 2014, Winner of Millennium Alliance Award 2014