EduSports was founded with a vision to ‘make sports an integral part of every child’s education and upbringing’. EduSportsprogram builds off the best practices that exist in the classroom and extends the same into the playground. It charges schools a fee of INR100-150 (~US$2-3) per child per month for all the services offered. The EduSports programs covers more than 130,000 children and works with more than 160 schools in 60+ cities across India.

The EduSports program consists of components over and above the sports/ physical education (PE) curriculum. A majority of schools across India have limited spaces for sports/physical activity and the teacher-to-students ratios are quite low. The program was designed to overcome India specific constraints.

At present, Edusports boasts of 85-90% share of the market on the school sports/PE enterprise market. In the short term, it targets to reach out to 15,000 prospective private K-12 schools charging a fee of at least INR1250 (US$25) per month. In the long run it aims at covering 1.1m low-income government schools.

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Winner - Education & Vocational Training Sector, Sankalp Awards 2012