Eco Corner is the one of the only retailers of eco-friendly products that has been able to establish and sustain standalone stores for the last 2-3 years.

Their products include home accessories, aroma products, handmade stationary products, organic and natural food products, natural bath and body products and bags, souvenirs. Price Range of Products: INR 40 – INR 6500.

Eco Corner was created with a simple mission Statement: “To make eco-friendly products more accessible to a larger section of society”. Going green is serious business. But we’ve veered away from using the preachy or scare tactic approach. instead we have focused our strategy on retailing products that engage, entertain and inspire. It all started with a simple idea. Eco-friendly products can be tastefully designed, easy to maintain and yet be affordable. The idea evolved into an experiment. The experiment evolved into a business. The business evolved into a community of eco-conscious citizens.

Team: Amish Mody, Co-Founder; Urvashi Mody, Co-Founder

Media: DNA