In Tanzania, more than 48% of the food produced is wasted before it reaches the market in post-harvesting processes. This amounts to losses of $7 billion before the produce reaches the market. The situation is similarly adverse in other East African countries. EA Fruits solves this problem by optimizing the supply chain of fresh farm produce to reduce these losses.

EA Fruits is in the business of production, processing and packaging of fruits (pineapple, tomato, watermelon) and vegetables (sweet potato, carrots, onions, cabbage). They cultivate high quality produce on company owned farmland as well as aggregate produce from out growers. They are one of the only companies in Tanzania with a cold storage logistics for fruits and vegetables selling the produce to supermarkets and food processors.


Team: Elia Timotheo F, Co-Founder and Managing Director; Adelina Shayo, Co-Founder and Director Operations; James Jumanne, Director Marketing; Joseph Masimba, Food Science Expert

Media: Gust ; Crunchbase

Finalist, Sankalp Awards for Africa 2015