Drinkwell Systems provides clean water solutions in regions affected by large scale arsenic and fluoride contamination in India and Bangladesh. Its systems can be installed onto existing arsenic-affected tubewells which removes arsenic, fluoride, iron and other metal from contaminated water. The proprietary technology was developed by Dr. Arun SenGupta and the patent is owned by Lehigh University which is exclusively licensed to Drinkwell Systems for use in South Asia. Advantages over existing competitors include 99% water recovery, configurable based on demand, resin filter regeneration, lower Capex and lower price per liter of water for end consumers. The company is registered as a US LLC with the India and Bangladesh arms as 100% subsidiaries.

Team: Minhaj Chowdhury, Founder & CEO; Arup K. Sen Gupta, Director, R&D; Prasun Chatterjee, CTO


2014 Gratitude Health & Wellness Award at SOCAP; 2014 for-profit social impact category winner at SXSW Eco; 2014 MassChallenge $100K Diamond Award; 2014 Cleantech Open National Water Track Award Winner; Minhaj Chowdhury: Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur, Class of 2015