Claro Energy offers solar powered water pumping solutions to meet irrigation and drinking water needs in power deficit, rural areas, replacing diesel-powered pumps and reducing 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.  The newly constructed irrigation tube-well pumps have no operating cost, are pollution-free and have shorter payback periods when compared to Diesel.  Claro Enery offers both AC and DC solar-pumping solutions that covers all types of irrigation needs.

Claro Energy is currently focused on business models which explore ‘pay per use’ for customers, and their strategy includes partnering with local companies to create ‘shared sales channels’.   By replacing diesel-powered pumps, Claro Energy have managed to reduce 25 tonnes of CO2 annually, irrigated 1,580 acres of land to date, and generated 105 direct and indirect jobs.  They maintain a first-mover advantage in Bihar, with 90% of the market share and 75 installations.  Their future strategies include deepening their penetration in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.  They also aim to expanding internationally in Bangladesh, South-East Asia and Africa through channel partners.

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