We started with a grand vision of transforming rural India and empowering the Below-Poverty-Line segment. As ventures go, we were lucky to be incubated by Qualcomm. Add in our deep rural experience & networks, and we were ready to tackle the fundamental challenges of poverty alleviation. The key was to leverage the largest network in India – the cellular network. And build the ultimate rural service delivery platform.

BeWo specializes in holistic last-mile products & services serving rural markets – field devices, software platform, and applications. The goal was highly usable mobile ICT technology for use by the semi-literate. The flagship MACH-1 (Multi Authentication Cellular Handset) is a rugged Android tablet-based field device integrating biometrics, thermal printer, smartcard readers, 2G/3G, GPS, dual camera, regional language capability, payments, and extended battery life. UIDAI Aadhaar & Govt of India MicroATM standards compliant. With scalability in mind, the BeWo team ensures that field devices can be fully managed remotely.

Success in this space has been aided through partnerships with NGOs, governments and global institutions. The ultimate goal is to meet the needs of rural entrepreneurs, financial inclusion, rural banking, healthcare, and e-Governance. We currently have 30+ partner system integrators and service providers working with us towards meeting this goal.

Team: R Sampath and Sharad P

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Finalist - Financial Inclusion Sector, Sankalp Awards for India 2014 Amulya 2012 Innovative Patent Award ITC-2012 Social Entrepreneurship Award