Axio Bio Solutions developed the product Axiostat, an emergency haemostatic dressing to prevent bleeding. This product is used for capillary wounds, arterial puncture, lacerations, abrasions, dental extraction, intravenous procedures and epitasis. The technology utilizes unique sponge-like structures capable of treating deep wounds, knows as natural bio-polymers. It seeks to replace traditional cotton gauzes.

The target groups for this product are: ambulances, hospitals, military/paramilitary units, and trauma centres.  It is the first and the only product of its kind in the Indian market. Currently it is distributed in Gujarat and Delhi. Over the next 5 years, Axio Bio Solutions plans to scale up the manufacturing capacity to produce 10 lakhs of standard size units per annum, with a turnover of 50 crores.  It also aims to partner with large pharmaceutical or medical device companies to generate marketing strategies; expand their manufacturing facility to cater to large market demands and enter key markets such as defence and social marketing chains with international aid organizations such the Red Cross and the United Nations.

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